Retired Canines Currently Cared for by NHCTA

In Memoriam

Note:  This piece is a living document.  As the NHCTA traces the history of the NHSP Canine Unit's history, this list will be updated.


K9 Linchen Sergeant Vincent Grieco 2010-2020


K9 Ike Sergeant Michael Cedrone 2010-2019

K9 Arko

K9 Arko TFC Daniel Needham 2009-2018

K9 Lola

K9 Lola Trooper Andrew Sheffer 2014-2019

K9 Sugar

K9 Sugar TFC Rick Fogerty / TFC Sharon Kopp Explosives Detection 2006-2010 / 2010-2013

K9 Brutus

K9 Brutus TFC Francesco Campo Patrol/ NarcoticsDetection 2011-2017

K9 Porcha

K9 Porcha TFC Sharon Kopp Explosives Detection 2012-2017

K9 Xena

K9 Xena TFC Peter Gould Cadaver Detection 2011-2016

K9 Kody

K9 Kody TFC Aaron Eder-Linell Patrol/ Narcotics Detection

K9 Ranger

K9 Ranger TFC Alex Lee Patrol/ Narcotics Detection

K9 Lucky

K9 Lucky Sgt. Steven Callinan Patrol/ Narcotics Detection

K9 Tyson

K9 Tyson Sgt. Gregg DeLuca Patrol/ Narcotics-Detection 2005-2016

K9 Genghis

K9 Genghis TFC Peter Gould Cadaver Detection 2005-2011

K9 Kai

K9 Kai Sgt. Mark Hall Patrol/ Narcotics Detection 2003-2011

K9 Gusta

K9 Gusta Capt. Gregory Ferry Patrol/ Narcotics Detection 2004-2011

K9 Zelda

K9 Zelda TFC Sharon Kopp Explosives Detection 2002-2010

K9 Rocky

K9 Rocky Capt. Gregory Ferry Patrol/ Narcotics Detection 1997-2004

K9 Ozzy

K9 Ozzy TFC Christopher Rollston Patrol/ Narcotics Detection 2005-2011

K9 Dixie

K9 Dixie TFC Christopher Rollston Tracking 2002-2005

K9 Radar

K9 Radar Captain John LeLacheur Patrol/ Narcotics Detection 1986-1995

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K9 Jett
K9 Jett

K9 Jett - TFC Lawrence Lundt (Explosives Detection)

K9 Maly
K9 Maly

K9 Maly - TFC Edward Flynn (Explosives Detection)

K9 Gator
K9 Gator

K9 Gator - Lt. Mark Hall (Patrol/Narcotics Detection)

K9 Rosco
K9 Rosco

K9 Rosco - Trooper John Forbes (Patrol/Narcotics Detection)